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ARK Survival Evolved

Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth


Rules & Rates

The servers are primarily PvE (with a PvP option).
If you want to participate in PvP add PvP somewhere in your tribe name.
All tribes is considered PvE unless PvP is a part of their tribe name.
Any action against these tribes will result in permanent ban.

Regler (Dansk):
Serverne er primært PvE men med mulighed for at spille PvP:
Hvis du ønsker at spille PvP tilføj PvP et sted i dit stamme* navn.
Alle stammer er PvE medmindre PvP er en del af deres navn.
Enhver handling mod disse vil resultere i permanent ban.

*Tribe hvis du spiller ARK uden dansk oversættelse.
Multipliers for all servers

All servers

XP - 2.5x
Harvest - 2.5x
Taming speed - 5x
Engram points - 1,15x
Night time speed - 2.0x
Day time speed - 0.6x


Egg hatching - 4x
Maturation - 8x
Cuddle Interval - 0.35x
Grace period for baby cuddle - 2x
Missed cuddle on baby - speed for losing imprint quality - 0.7x

Loot quality for Supplycrates - 2.5x
Loot quality for fishing - 3.0x

Multipliers specific for Aberration


Night time speed - 1.0x
Day time speed - 1.0x

Contact Us

If you have any issues or questions you are welcome to contact us :)


  ts.poweron.dk (TeamSpeak 3)