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ARK Survival Evolved

Genesis Part 2

Genesis Part 2


Rules & Rates

The servers are primarily PvE (with a PvP option).
If you want to participate in PvP add PvP somewhere in your tribe name.
All tribes is considered PvE unless PvP is a part of their tribe name.
Any action against these tribes will result in permanent ban.
You are only allowed to attack tribes that has PvP in their name.
Specific for Genesis Part 2: Building in the tunnels leading to or from the space is not allowed.

Regler (Dansk):
Serverne er primært PvE men med mulighed for at spille PvP:
Hvis du ønsker at spille PvP tilføj PvP et sted i dit stamme* navn.
Alle stammer er PvE medmindre PvP er en del af deres navn.
Enhver handling mod disse vil resultere i permanent ban.
Du må kun angribe stammer med PvP i navnet og kun såfremt du selv er en PvP stamme.
Specifikt for Genesis Part 2: Det er ikke tilladt at bygge i tunnelerne der leder til eller fra rummet (Midtersektionen på kortet).

*Tribe hvis du spiller ARK uden dansk oversættelse.
Multipliers for all servers

All servers

XP - 2.5x
Harvest - 2.5x
Taming speed - 5x
Engram points - 1,15x
Night time speed - 2.0x
Day time speed - 0.6x
Spoiling time - 5x
Time for decomposition of corpse and items - 2x


Egg hatching - 4x
Maturation - 8x
Cuddle Interval - 0.35x
Grace period for baby cuddle - 2x
Missed cuddle on baby - speed for losing imprint quality - 0.7x

Loot quality for Supplycrates - 2.5x
Loot quality for fishing - 3.0x

No Cnidaria (jellyfish)
Custom recipes allowed
Unlimited respecs
Increased stack sizes
Weight gained per level on character increased by 10%
Weight gained per level on dino increased by 5%
Increased chance of Alphas spawning
Minimum wild dino level is 50 - higher chance of max level spawning (compared to official)
Maximum wild dino level is 150 (180 for Tek, 190 for special - etc. Wyverns)


All servers uses: Structures Plus (S+) and Custom Dino Levels

Map-specific settings

Map-specific settings


Additional dinos:
Crystal Wyverns
Aberrant Megalosaurus


Additional dinos:


Hexagon rewards multiplier - 2.5x
Better loot in Tier 3 Crates
Better loot from Alpha missions + Beta Gauntlet missions. (Part 1)
No Defense Units in Lunar biome (Part 1)

Additional dinos:
Snow Owl, Managarmr, Giganotosaurus, Titanosaur (Part 1)


Night time speed - 1.0x
Day time speed - 1.0x
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If you have any issues or questions you are welcome to contact us :)


  ts.poweron.dk (TeamSpeak 3)

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