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ARK Survival Evolved

Multipliers & Rules

These creatures may only be used in PvE situations - they are FORBIDDEN to use in ANY PvP situation:
Mek, Reaper King, Titan (all), Wyvern, Basilisk, Rock Elemental, Phoenix, Karkinos, Astrocetus, Bloodstalker, Ferox, Magmasaur.

Violation of this rule may result in removal of your tribe's dinos, tribe's structures and your character.

Multipliers for all servers

All servers

XP - 2.5x
Harvest - 2.5x
Taming speed - 5x
Engram points - 1,15x
Night time speed - 2.5x
Day time speed - 0.6x


Egg hatching - 4x
Maturation - 8x
Cuddle Interval - 0.35x
Grace period for baby cuddle - 2x
Missed cuddle on baby - speed for losing imprint quality - 0.7x

Loot quality for Supplycrates - - 2x
Loot quality for fishing - 2x

Multipliers specific for Aberration


Night time speed - 1.0x
Day time speed - 1.0x

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